Project Identification: The first scientific field study of UFO phenomena

Project Identification: The first scientific field study of UFO phenomena

Harley D Rutledge

Language: English

Pages: 265

ISBN: 0137307136

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Great vintage book!

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Juncture, and can be seen in Table I. TABLE I BRUSHY CREEK AREA: FRIDAY, APRIL 13,1973 SUNSET (6:30 CST) Order Time (PM) Direct. Transit Time (min) Ang. Alt. (degrees) Altitude (feet) Speed (mi/hr) A 7:18 N-S 3 10 4655 340 B 7:28* N-S - 5 2310 8:30 (Aircraft was sighted in the east) 9:20 S-N C 8 10 4655 4655 N-S 10 D 10:45 •The light passed behind the hill directly in front of our position. 130 — Certainly the lights were not earth satellites, nor were they burn-up.

Income from ownership of motels, trailer parks, and boatdocks. Clearwater Dam, completed by the Corps of Engineers in 1948, provided a lake that is a perennial attraction to vacationers. Clear streams abounded for fishing, and forests were ideal for hunting. Main Street was lined with small shops and businesses, among them Toney's Drugstore, where people met to swap stories. (But not all businesses depended on the tourist trade. Three large sawmills and a couple of quarries were in the area. The.

Lighted objects at night in the sky over Illinois across the Mississippi River from Cape. In March 1973, as more and more UFO reports poured out of Piedmont, my interest increased, in spite of my original skepticism about the UFO enigma. But my decision to become actively involved did not come easily. Because it would mean placing my career in jeopardy, I vacillated as to whether I should become publicly involved with the UFO phenomenon, pondering the ramifications for more than a week. Finally,.

Can hypothesize that the beacon light was somehow instrumental in producing the two patterns of Plates 12 and 13. The airport beacon light, of course, is powered by a source of AC electricity. If the moving object caused condensation of water vapor, then the film m the camera may have detected light from the beacon reflecting off water droplets. Light from the beacon was not picked up directly, because it was behind us. And light from the beacon striking the roof r® c a r in front of the camera.

UFOs. At 12:06, Ken spotted a dim light in the constellation Cassiopeia to the northeast. Until we observed it in binoculars, we didn't detect its motion. We could not identify the slow-moving light even on the 80X setting of the Questar telescope. It remained visible in the telescope, haze and all, until 12:24. We didn't call this a UFO either, although it certainly aroused our curiosity. At 1:18, John spotted a southbound light in the northwest. To Bob, looking through the Questar telescope, it.

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