Postcards from the Ledge: Collected Mountaineering Writings of Greg Child

Postcards from the Ledge: Collected Mountaineering Writings of Greg Child

Greg Child

Language: English

Pages: 226

ISBN: 0898867533

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Selections of the best writing from elite mountaineer Greg Child.

Operation Whiplash

Orders Is Orders

Promise You Won't Tell? (Dani Ripper, Book 2)



















Of the spirit, those long-vanished people and we climbers were distant cousins. That the ancients were lovers of the rock was obvious. They chose only the most architecturally spectacular outcrops and caves to decorate and to shelter themselves from the seasonal monsoon and blazing sun. But the way they incorporated the natural shapes, pockets, and flakes of the rock into their dreamtime murals suggested that they possessed a sensitivity to the tactile feel of the stone that comes only from.

Rock in America, and they’ll stroke their beards in puzzlement over the age-pitted pieces of steel protruding from the cliffs. Maybe they’ll declare them the trappings of religious ceremonies. Certainly, they’ll say, “Here was a race of eccentrics who worshipped the vertical.” Chances are the boffins of a future millennium won’t understand climbers any better than we, today, understand the rock dwellers of Quinkin Country. Tights, Camera, Action In Vietnam they don’t eat just any dog; it has to.

And, like a monk on a pilgrimage, embarked on my third try. KAFKA COULD NOT HAVE CONCEIVED A MAZE MORE CONFOUNDING than the Ministry of Tourism in Islamabad. In this musty building, square one in the game that mountaineers play each summer in the Karakoram Range, I’d seen hardened alpinists reduced to nervous wrecks by a narcoleptic bureaucracy and an arcane little booklet titled The Mountaineering Rules and Regulations of Pakistan. I was in the office of Zafarullah Siddiqui, Deputy Chief of.

You poor fucker!’ I didn’t like being pitiable.” On the eighth day they struck steep ice. Carl lowered Bill again, from a metal picket he had hammered into the slope. Then they traversed, which for Bill was painfully awkward. “I kept hitting my leg. The pain made me somersault backward. I had to self-arrest to stop sliding over a cliff.” Later Bill broke through another crevasse. He screamed, utterly terrified of crevasses. Composure had now totally gone. “Carl was repeating over and over,.

About fifty more people summited by the North Ridge. There were first national ascents for Taiwan, Turkey, Latvia, and Rumania. Russians, American, British, Austrian, and Italian climbers succeeded, too. Reinhard Patsheider, of Italy, set a north-side speed record with a twenty-one-hour oxygenless blitz from ABC to the summit. Britain’s Alison Hargreaves made a seemingly effortless oxygenless ascent in “unsupported” style, meaning that although she was always surrounded by other climbers and had.

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