PC Today (April 2012)

PC Today (April 2012)

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Pages: 80

ISBN: 2:00070542

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PC Today is a monthly publication that delivers information about your operating system. Each issue includes the latest computing news, the lowdown on current Windows Updates, hardware previews, and software reviews.

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Network administrators will appreciate having the Network Manager app (Rel. March 8, 2012) from Five Seasons Computer. The app provides a quick view of essential network and user information, including IP addresses, account names, user passwords and addresses, and wireless device names. Network Manager also includes a speed test feature that lets administrators determine data transfer and network speeds. ● CoMarket for iOS ProInsights for BlackBerry Network Manager for BlackBerry PC Today /.

Monitor. If the external monitor display works, the notebook’s video display may be faulty (this is rare unless there is visible damage). It’s also possible a connection may be loose or damaged. If an external monitor doesn’t work, the video adapter/chip may be faulty or unseated. If the display is scrambled or fails over a long period of operation, one or more of your memory chips may have failed or the video processor may be overheating. Video failure can also occur when the entire notebook.

Astechnology), but also file systems that signed excessive amounts of storage. support these features. Some organizaThis is also a common scenario. Many tions might discover that their storage application owners, DBAs, and system systems already support these features, 10 April 2012 / www.pctoday.com Anton Kolomyeytsev Daryl Lang chief technology officer, StarWind Software vice president of product management, OCZ Technology “If you have a large amount of users saving data to multiple.

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