OS X El Capitan: The Missing Manual

OS X El Capitan: The Missing Manual

Language: English

Pages: 846

ISBN: 1491917954

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With El Capitan, Apple brings never-before-seen features to OS X—like a split-screen desktop, improved window controls, and amazing graphics. The new edition of David Pogue's #1 bestselling Mac book shows you how to use key new features such as swiping gestures, Notes, a new Spotlight search system, the Safari pinning feature, and Split View.

Missing Manuals creator David Pogue is one of the most widely recognized technology authors in the world. A former New York Times technology columnist, he founded and now produces videos for Yahoo Tech.

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Shutter speed of a digital-camera photo, 110 a movie’s copyright holder, a document’s page size, and on and on. Technically, this sort of secondary information is called metadata. It’s usually invisible, although a lot of it shows up in the Get Info dialog box described on page 97. You might think that typing something into the Spotlight search box triggers a search. But to be technically correct, Spotlight has already done its searching. In the first 15 to 30 minutes after you install OS X—or.

Spotlight The Spotlight Menu 117 The Spotlight Menu Real Search Attribute One-Word Name(s) Rating starrating Phone number phonenumber Email addresses email Instant message addresses imname Kind kind URL url Recipient email addresses email Email addresses email File name filename File path name path Size size Created created Modified modified Owner owner Group group Stationery stationery File invisible invisible File label label Spotlight comments spotlightcomment, comment.

Movies. chapter 3: spotlight 131 Customizing Spotlight •• Change the keystroke. Ordinarily, pressing c-space bar highlights Spotlight in your menu bar, and Option-c-space bar opens the Searching window. If these keystrokes clash with some other key assignment in your software, though, you can reassign them to almost any other keystroke you like. To do that, click Keyboard Shortcuts; you jump directly to the System PreferencesÆ KeyboardÆShortcuts tab. Here, you can specify a new.

Mission Control T he whole point of owning a computer, of course, is to run programs—or, as Apple likes to call them, apps. And in OS X these days, Apple wants programs to look and work like they do on the iPad: simply. As full-screen, autosaving worlds. You’re supposed to open them from a simple Home screen arrayed with app icons, and you’re supposed to switch among them by swiping with your fingers on your trackpad or mouse. This radical new vision of running programs is actually.

“Install app updates” goes the next step and installs them without consulting you.) •• “Automatically download apps purchased on other Macs” (also in System PreferencesÆApp Store) ensures that when you download an app on one Mac, it auto-downloads on all your other ones, too (assuming they’re logged in with the same iCloud account). Handy, really. UP TO SPEED Classic and Rosetta, RIP There are two chief kinds of OS X–compatible programs, known by the geeks as Carbon and Cocoa programs. These.

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