Night Sky: A Falcon Field Guide (Falcon Field Guide Series)

Night Sky: A Falcon Field Guide (Falcon Field Guide Series)

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This is the ultimate illustrated guide to the most spectacular objects in the night sky.

The Mysterious Universe (Cambridge Library Collection - Physical Sciences)


How to Read the Solar System: A Guide to the Stars and Planets
















Ushering the sun through Sagittarius the Archer in the early wintertime, this active constellation is best observed low 49 NightSky_4pp_CS5.5.indd 49 11/2/11 11:06 AM Night Sky in the sky during the summer months. It is a region of space teeming with highly visible celestial objects. For one, it is on the ecliptic and thus regularly plays host to the moon and myriad planets. As viewed from our ear thly perch, Sagittarius is also home to the very brightest stretch of the Milky Way, including.

Mere 93 million miles away, we can practically reach out and touch it. Many of the most lumi nescent stars in the nigh t sky are quite a distance away from our planet. For example, Rigel, among the top ten brightest stars from our vantage point, is 775 light-years away. And while nearness to © Peter Dolinsky | 55 NightSky_4pp_CS5.5.indd 55 11/2/11 11:06 AM Night Sky our planet doesn’t equate to brightness, distance plays a critical role in the overall equation. Many stars ar.

What, in fact, you are witnessing at these moments is the sun ’s light refle ting off our planet’s surface to the moon’s surface, which then casts the light back at us. 62 NightSky_4pp_CS5.5.indd 62 11/2/11 11:06 AM Moon Observation Earthshine occurs in close pr oximity to the imper ceptible new moon phases because, at these times , Earth is fully illuminated from the perspective of a lunar hor izon. In other words, if you were residing on the moon and check ing out Ear th in the nighttime.

Cluster, there are many other star clusters worth seeking out. In Scorpius the Scorpion, which inches along the summer ’s southern sky, multiple star clust ers exist. The Butterfly Cluster (M6) and the Ptolemy Cluster (M7) are two very accessible open clusters. Globular cluster M4 is one of the closest to Earth—and one of the most impressive, too—with globular cluster M80 nearby. 86 NightSky_4pp_CS5.5.indd 86 11/2/11 11:07 AM Exploring the Deep Sky Auriga the Charioteer, due north of Orion,.

Through outer space at warp speed. Quite the c ontrary: Earth’s indefatigable rotation on its axis is the wind beneath their wings. To get a proper handle on the outer-space picture show, it is beneficial o envision celestial objects on one sphere based on their predictable locations at any given moment in time. To assist them in dec oding the c elestial sphere’s perpetual dynamism, astronomers utilize a c oordinate system with r ight ascension (RA), the c elestial-sphere equivalent of long itude.

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