Mossflower (Redwall, Book 2)

Mossflower (Redwall, Book 2)

Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0142302384

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The thrilling prequel to "Redwall". The clever and greedy wildcat Tsarmina becomes ruler of all Mossflower Woods and is determined to govern the peaceful woodlanders with an iron paw. The brave mouse Martin and quick-talking mouse thief Gonff meet in the depths of Kotir Castle's dungeon. The two escape and resolve to end Tsarmina's tyrannical rule. Joined by Kinny the mole, Martin and Gonff set off on a dangerous quest for Salamandastron, where they are convinced that their only hope, Boar the Fighter, still lives.

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His back and front, topped off with a shining metal headpiece that came forward into a badger war mask. Boar pointed his great war sword up at Buffheart as he gave final orders. ‘Make sure you pull that ladder back up safe, slide a rock over the entrance hole and don’t open it to any creature.’ ‘But supposing you want to get back in again, Boar?’ Starbuck asked, gazing down from behind his father. The badger chuckled drily. ‘Don’t worry, Star. A short climb and a rock slab won’t stop me.’.

With a hearth, fireplace, full dining board and small seated alcoves around its walls. Several doors led off the main hall; to the left was the master bedroom and dormitories, while off to the right was the larder, kitchens and storerooms, behind which lay the bolt hole or escape door, constructed with typical woodland common sense. Brockhall had been built by badgers in the dim past. They had taken great pains that everything should be just the way woodland badgers like it to be. Great care and.

Oi get’n b’neath ’im an’ dig away ’ee nest, then push so it fall out’ards down ’ee mounting,’ the mole explained. Lord Cayvear flapped his wings and flew upward, hanging upside down by his claws. ‘Can you do it, do it?’ His voice was an excited hiss. Martin patted Dinny on the back. ‘Lord Cayvear, if this mole says he can do it, then rest assured, he can. Come on, we can give him some assistance.’ Darkness had scarcely fallen over the woodlands. Treetops were touched by the fires of the.

Large birds try to roost, you can push them off with spears and long poles. I will tell you how this door can be made.’ For the first time Martin and Dinny looked over the edge to the outside world below. There was nothing to see except heavy grey evening mist in layers on the ground. Martin stepped back from the edge. ‘We couldn’t attempt to climb down there at night, Din. Let’s stop here with our friends tonight and continue the quest tomorrow. Oh, Dinny, if only Gonff had been here to see.

Like trophies. The warrior mouse’s voice was loud and angry. ‘See here Marshgreen, or whatever they call you. You’ve no right to treat us like this. Now set us free, this instant!’ he demanded. The assembly of toads gave a bubbly cry of shock at the blatant disrespect to their ruler. Marshgreen inflated his throat until it swelled like a balloon. His eyes bulged like button mushrooms. ‘Splakkafrott! Mouthshut mousefur. Cheekybeast. Takethree, throwin Screamhole.’ The company of toads waddled.

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