Jump Start PHP Environment

Jump Start PHP Environment

Language: English

Pages: 200

ISBN: 0994182643

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Many entry level PHP developers want a quick path to glory, a shortcut to "knowing PHP." Too many books and tutorials go straight into a pre-made, awful environment that just wants you to code, with no regard for security, version control, or other absolutely essential practices. This book is aimed at the absolute beginner who wants to start learning PHP, but aims to set you up with a thorough understanding of what makes for a good, modern, adaptable PHP environment before you start diving into PHP itself.

This book will cover a the essential building blocks of a good PHP environment, including covering topics such as:

  • The anatomy of a web request
  • The importance of a good IDE
  • Using Composer for package management
  • Version control with Git and GitHub
  • Deployment and hosting options
  • Using virtual machines
  • Build a sample app from scratch and deploy it -- the right way
  • And much more!

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Development workflow, even if they’re yet to know it. We introduced Vagrant, and added new sites to a preconfigured Vagrantfile setup called Homestead Improved. We also explained why one should always use virtual machines while developing, even for the simplest projects. In the next chapter, we’ll talk about version control and why it’s essential for any kind of progressive work. Chapter 5 Versioning Systems In this chapter, we’ll cover versioning systems. In particular, we’ll be talking about.


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And set it all up according to the instructions. Most have a step-by-step process, so you should have a personalized email account within 24 hours. Small code samples: those requiring very few resources are easily hosted on shared hosting servers. Small portfolio scripts and projects are ideal for this purpose; for example, code demos within tutorials you write, sample code from client websites you've built, and so on. Anything not needing to support large amounts of bandwidth should work.

Promises a dedicated machine―be it virtual or real―for your needs (hence why virtual is parenthesized). You can then use this machine for whatever purpose you see fit. If you choose to make it into your own shared hosting provider, you can set up the server to support this and resell the space. You could also buy several machines, and cluster them up to make your own mini cloud. Or just use a single server for a single app―that works, too! In dedicated hosting, having a physical machine just for.

Default), and makes sure the newly installed package is usable in your application. To use this package, ensure that the aforementioned autoload.php file is included in your app. This only needs to be done once, regardless of how many packages you install. They’re all autoloaded with this one file:

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