Good Food to Go: Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Good Food to Go: Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0307358976

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Good Food to Go is the ultimate guide to packing healthy lunch boxes with food that kids will enjoy and parents can feel good about. Back-to-school means back-to-lunch-boxes, and the daily quandary of what to put in them. With this new book, two working moms - one a teacher, one a pediatrician - offer creative ideas for balanced lunches and nutritious snacks, as well as up-to-date health tips that will make packing lunch a joy and not a chore. Given that children consume approximately one third of their daily calories at school, what goes into kids' lunch boxes is vital to their well-being. Yet it still needs to be hot enough, cold enough or crisp enough to withstand a morning in the cloakroom. (And with allergies on the rise many schools are now nut-free, eliminating that old standby: peanut butter.) Most important, the lunch needs to be kid-friendly and delicious because after all, the healthiest lunch isn't very healthy if it goes uneaten.

Good Food to Go fuses the how-to's of creating wholesome, homemade lunches with the latest information on food and nutrition. Practical tips will help parents make environmentally conscious food choices and eliminate lunch-box waste to ensure children are eating for a healthier planet. Many of the recipes outline what can be done the night before, while others may be made in bulk and frozen, facilitating easy, last-minute lunches. Handy meal planners help to ensure that kids are eating a healthy variety of nutritious lunches throughout the week.

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Completely cool before packing to avoid condensation from forming inside container. • Pack in reusable container and refrigerate overnight. Yield: Serves 1 Should I Be Concerned about the Presence of Hormones in Our Food Supply? Although banned in Europe, hormones are routinely given to beef cattle in both Canada and the United States to speed up their growth and increase lean body tissue. Although Health Canada states growth hormones do not pose a threat to human health,20 some scientists.

Of age),” (accessed September 16, 2010). 12. Statistics Canada, “Overview of Canadians’ Eating Habits,” The Daily, 13. Kate Sherwood, “Leafy Greens,” Nutrition Action, May 2010. 14. Health Canada, “Do Canadian Adolescents Meet Their Nutrient Requirements through Food Intake Alone?” Food and Nutrition,.

Kids about the environmental impact of packaged foods will help them realize how “uncool” these products really are. The Juice Box Dilemma A juice box or Tetra Pak is an aseptic container. This means that it is manufactured and filled under sterile conditions and therefore requires no refrigeration or preservatives to remain germ free. They are typically made from 6 layers of paper, plastic and foil that are bonded together. The problem with juice boxes, like that of many single-use drink.

Imagine the fuel required to ship and recycle single-use juice boxes around the world. So consider buying juice in bulk. By packing your child’s drink in a reusable bottle, you are creating less waste, regardless of whether it ends up being recycled or, even worse, in a landfill. It’s just common sense. The Equipment Ideally, your child’s lunch box should be large enough to accommodate a Thermos, several reusable containers and a stainless steel water bottle. Over the course of the school.

Condiments, such as low-fat mayonnaise, mustard, tzatziki and hummus. • Pack higher fibre foods such as whole grain products, beans, lentils, fruits and vegetables. These foods are filling and tend to be relatively low in calories. • Pack salads with oil- and vinegar-based dressings and avoid high calorie add-ons such as bacon bits, cheese, croutons and creamy dressings. • Pack lean protein such as tofu, fish, skinless chicken breast, beans and lentils. • Pack cream-free, vegetable-based.

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