From Bash to Z Shell: Conquering the Command Line

From Bash to Z Shell: Conquering the Command Line

Oliver Kiddle

Language: English

Pages: 472

ISBN: 1590593766

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Some areas are covered in other books, but this one goes into some little-seen side streets and alleyways to show you the shortcuts to more efficient use of the shell. ...The material here is invaluable: you're not going to get it from the manual pages! I strongly recommend it.
- Ernest J.

This is a totally neat idea for a book... the command line gets addictive quickly.
- Bill Ryan, Bill's House O Insomnia

This comprehensive, hands-on guide focuses on two of the most popular and feature-rich shells, bash and zsh. From Bash to Z Shell: Conquering the Command Line is a book for all skill levels. Novices will receive an introduction to the features of shells and power users will get to explore the benefits of zsh--one of the most powerful, versatile shells ever written. Intermediate users will uncover hints, recipes, and ideas to enhance their skill sets.

The book covers shell programming, but is unique in its thorough coverage of using shells interactively--a powerful and time-saving alternative to windows and a mouse. This strong author team has written an immediately useful book, packed with examples and suggestions that users of Unix, Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows can readily apply.

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Based on the Bourne-like ksh, it also understands a lot of C shell syntax and has a large number of other new features. Paul Falstad wrote the original Z shell; now a different group of people maintain zsh as an open-source project. We cover zsh version 4.2 in this book. Although Unix-type operating systems vary from machine to machine, the syntax of a particular shell version is about the same no matter where you find it. (You’ll also find shells on Microsoft Windows machines—in Cygwin and MKS,.

In the section “Startup Files, Login and Interactive Shells” in Chapter 5). That makes it available to all shells, in all windows, each time you log in. Another way to get to an often-used directory is through a named directory, described in the section “The Directory Stack” in Chapter 8. Summary In this grab bag of a chapter, we’ve looked at a few more of the many features that make shells a great working environment for users and programmers: Kiddle_3766C03 .fm Page 67 Saturday, August 28,.

Because it’s immediately in front of that program, it’s only set for that program. So if you echo $SHELL you’ll find it hasn’t changed locally, but the new xterm is using zsh instead of bash. (This is pointless if the value already was /usr/local/bin/zsh.) Kiddle_3766C04 .fm Page 73 Tuesday, June 28, 2005 12:38 PM CHAPTER 4 ■ ENTERING AND EDITING THE COMMAND LINE Copy and Paste Most terminal emulators have a copy-and-paste system based on xterm. They involve moving the mouse. The mouse.

Shell sh, and it has a growing list of features. • zsh, also called Z shell, is an extremely powerful shell that’s not as well known as bash. zsh combines most of the best features of several shells, including C-type shells such as tcsh. However, its basic usage is similar to bash. This book provides the first comprehensive Z shell coverage that we know of. If you consider yourself a power user (or if, after reading what shells can do, you want to become a power user!), you owe it to yourself to.

L. The number here is compared against the variable SHLVL, an abbreviation for shell level. The first instance of the shell to start assigns the value 1 to SHLVL. If you start another shell, it looks at the existing value (assuming it’s in the environment, which it usually is), and adds 1 to it, so this shell has SHLVL 2, and so on. You can actually get the raw variable as the percent escape %L, but since most people don’t want that number in their prompts probably the ternary form is more.

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