Fanciful Cloth Dolls: From Tip of the Nose to Curly Toes - A Step-by-Step Visual Guide

Fanciful Cloth Dolls: From Tip of the Nose to Curly Toes - A Step-by-Step Visual Guide

Terese Cato

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Pages: 75


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You don't have to be a doll maker...if you craft and sew, you'll love learning how to create a whimsical fairy, an impish elf, or a sweet pincushion girl. All four projects have head-to-toe instructions for fabric sculpting, expressive faces, perfect hair, cute clothes, and an abundance of accessories. Every captivating detail of your keepsake doll will be appreciated for years to come. A charming gallery of variations will inspire you to add personal flair to your creations. Perfect for both beginner and experienced doll enthusiasts—learn the basics, try new techniques, and sprinkle in your own unique embellishing style.

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Include props for your elf—store-bought items, found objects, or pieces made by you—to help personalize him or her. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • NOTE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The Christmas present on which the elf sits is a cardboard box covered with fabric. The amount of fabric you need depends on the size of the box you use—any box can be recycled to use as a present. The bow for Lyle’s present requires a 6˝ × 16˝ piece of print cotton fabric, plus what’s wrapped.

Work surface so you have a right and a left ear facing you. Cut a slit on the back of each ear, being careful to cut through only a single thickness of fabric. 5 Use tiny turning tubes to turn each ear right side out through the cut you made in the back. 6 Stuff the ears softly. Push a small scrap of fabric into the hole to cover the stuffing. 7 Use a water-soluble fabric marker to draw the line detail for the inside of the ear. (Refer to the Ear template, or create your own details.) Sew on.

Toothpick dipped in pink paint was used to apply dots to her blue antennae. Tiny Flower Fairy 77 Use a ruler to measure these inch marks to verify that printout is correctly sized. Stretch Open Template Patterns 1˝ Tooth Fairy Ear Trace twice. Tooth Fairy Arm Trace twice. Tooth Fairy Head Back Trace once. Tooth Fairy Head Front Trace once. Stretch Stretch en Tooth Fairy Hand Trace twice. Stretch Open 78 Fanciful Cloth Dolls Tooth Fairy Eye Tooth Fairy Body Front Bust Cut 1.

Look at people’s eyes, you will notice that the eyelid covers the top edge of the iris. The amount of iris that’s covered depends on the shape of the eyelid and the expression on the face. Both of these dolls have fabric eyelids that are attached to the eye. For this reason, the entire iris is drawn, with the anticipation that part of it will be covered by the eyelid. I’ve explained the facial features individually in the section that follows, but you will actually color the entire face (eyes,.

Under and tie off the thread. 24 Fanciful Cloth Dolls Pull up the top edge of the sleeve so it is hidden between the arm and the body. Dressing the Doll Pantaloons 1 Trace the Pantaloons template on the wrong side of doubled fabric. pantaloons into the body. Pinch the waist of the pantaloons to form 2 darts at the back and 2 darts at the front so the pantaloons fit snugly around the waist. Mark the size and placement of each dart, using a disappearing fabric marker. Each dart is 1˝ long as.

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