Exploring the Amazon

Exploring the Amazon

Helen Schreider, Frank Schreider

Language: English

Pages: 115

ISBN: 0870440780

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Since the day of the conquistadors, the Amazon has lured explorers and adventurers. Many have left records of their experiences, but few accounts are so filled with the exceitement of discovery as Exploring The Amazon, a stirring tribute to the courage of its authors. Another National Geographic treasure.

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Seven days all our craft lacked was a name. "Why not call it Mamuri?" Pepe suggested with a touch of optimistic irony. "The mamuri is the fastest fish in the river." The day of our departure dawned gray and drizzly. At the last minute Poli had decided that the raft was too big for him to handle alone, and Pepe had found another Indian to help him. He had no experience in river travel, but he assured us he could follow Poli's instructions. His Spanish name, Eulogio, tangled my tongue, so I.

World's longest snake, the giant anaconda, stretching as long as 38 feet, and the world's biggest rodent, the capybara, measuring up to 4 feet from head to tail. Four centuries of explorers and exploiters, soldiers, slavers, and scientists have sought to probe her secrets and tap her wealth. During the great rubber boom —the quarter-century from 1890 to 1915 when the Amazon forest was the only source of the white latex that the world rides on today — villages grew into cities almost overnight.

Expensive. The people just sit around when they could be planting, at least enough for themselves. When the river is low, all they have to do is throw out the seed on the sand bars, wait a while, then harvest it before the river rises. But even that is too much work. "All these schools here. What do they teach? Mathematics and history. Not one trade school. An education is to use, not sit on. The people need practical knowledge and the desire to use it. They need to take off their shirts and go.

Imports more than 50 percent of its natural rubber. RICHARD SC the ride of the world's bicycles and automobiles; he also stirred up a storm along the Amazon. European and American manufacturers clamored for more and more rubber. Amazonians could sell all they produced. The price kept rising, reaching $2.90 a pound, and rubber became big business. People still speak of the patron who "owned" millions of acres of land and everything on it. Title was rarely established, but in the days of the.

Seas marbled with frothy whitecaps and flat sheets of spindrift. Raindrops beat a tattoo on Amazon Queen's metal roof as the storm sweeps down upon us. As fast as it comes, the storm passes. The sun bores through the overcast, spotlighting a patch of jungle with a green as soft and vibrant as a tourmaline seen through a jeweler's glass. Midst limply hanging leaves, still heavy under their hoard of platinum droplets, myriad insects resume their concert. On our twenty-second day out of Leticia we.

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