Exploring Microsoft Office 2013, Volume 1

Exploring Microsoft Office 2013, Volume 1

Cynthia Krebs, Mary Anne Poatsy, Keith Mulberry

Language: English

Pages: 1131

ISBN: 2:00311534

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book covers introductory Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint, with an additional Windows 8 chapter.

Move students beyond the point-and-click.

The goal of the Exploring series is to move students beyond the point and click, to understanding the why and how behind each skill. And, because so much learning takes place outside of the classroom, this series provides learning tools that students can access anywhere, any time.

Students go to college now with a different set of skills than they did years ago. With this in mind, the Exploring series seeks to move students beyond the basics of the software at a faster pace, without sacrificing coverage of the fundamental skills that everyone needs to know.

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The desktop and click Personalize (see Figure 1.18). If you choose to change the background, click Desktop Background. You can choose from built-in categories such as Windows Desktop Backgrounds, or you can browse for a folder containing your personal pictures. Click Window Color to change the color of window borders and the taskbar. You can also select a screen saver. A screen saver is a moving series of pictures or images that displays when your computer has been idle for a specified period of.

In the office when an item is donated, you will configure the desktop and taskbar of the computer to simplify the job of data entry for anyone who happens to be at the desk. This exercise follows the same set of skills as used in Hands-On Exercises 1–3 in the chapter. Refer to Figure 1.47 as you complete this exercise. Chapter 1 • Practice Exercises Figure 1.47  WordPad Auction Listing a. Open a new, blank Microsoft Word document. Save this document on the drive where you nor- mally save.

Ready to use. Others can be downloaded from the Windows Store. The default apps are brightly colored. Tiles for programs that run on the traditional Windows desktop are smaller and more transparent. The look of the tiles is customizable, but all tiles include the name of the app or program. Depending on the number of apps that you have installed, as you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen, you will see a horizontal scroll bar display. This can be used to access any app that does not.

The Backstage view also enables you to exit the application and to identify file information, such as the author or date created. In this section, you will explore the Backstage view, learning to create, open, close, and print files. Figure 1.29 The Backstage View Opening a File When working with an Office application, you can begin by opening an existing file that has already been saved to a storage medium, or you can begin work on a new file. Both actions are available when you click the File.

File. Submit your files based on your instructor’s directions. Mid-Level Exercises • Office 2013 133 3 Today’s Musical Artists Collaboration Case Creative Case 134 With a few of your classmates, you will use PowerPoint to create a single presentation on your favorite musical artists. Each student must create at least one slide and then all of the slides will be added to the presentation. Because everyone’s schedule is varied, you should use either your Outlook account or OneDrive to pass.

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