Essex Boy: Last Man Standing

Essex Boy: Last Man Standing

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1845964993

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Two films and numerous books have attempted to tell the shocking story of two of Britain’s most ruthless gangs. For 20 years, the Essex Boys firm and their successors, the New Generation, controlled a lucrative drugs empire in Essex and throughout the south east of England by using intimidation, gratuitous violence, and murder. Rampaging through the streets and clubland, they destroyed anything and anybody that dared to get in their way. Eventually torn apart by greed and paranoia, the gang members became victims of their own vile trade and hate-filled actions. Pat Tate, Tony Tucker, and Craig Rolfe were all blasted repeatedly with a shotgun as they sat in their Range Rover down a remote farm track. Dean Boshell was lured to allotments, then beaten and shot execution-style three times through the head. Others, such as Darren Nicholls and Damon Alvin, turned Super Grass and disappeared into the witness protection scheme never to be seen again, while three other men are in prison serving life sentences. Steve "Nipper" Ellis is the last man standing, the only member to have survived the bloody reign of both gangs. Here he tells his shocking story for the first time, and reveals just how close he came to being both murderer and murder victim.

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Security guard but he had some sort of uniform on. Again the man asked me what I was doing and when I explained that I had stopped for a piss in the alley he went in search of the evidence. Illuminated by a street light I could see that the man was a security guard but that fact gave me little comfort. If he saw the guns on the seat of my car, I was in no doubt that this Sherlock Holmes wannabe would ring the police. I got into my car, threw a coat over the guns and locked the door. Banging on.

Taken to a police station where I was searched and my property taken from me. Among my personal effects the police found my car keys and a car park ticket. When they located and searched my car, they found that the boot and back seats were crammed with goods waiting to be returned to the shops for cash refunds. In total the police recovered £11,000 worth of goods and £3,000 in cash. I told the police that I had done no wrong; the cheque books and credit cards were in my name and I had every.

And if our stories didn’t match we could be heading back to prison. ‘Stay out of the way until it blows over,’ he pleaded. ‘I don’t need any more shit at the moment.’ My brother-in-law, Steve, had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I was planning to go and visit him in Essex, but Malcolm was keen to point out that I would find the experience upsetting. He said that he had met Steve on Southend seafront recently and he had ‘looked awful’. ‘I hardly recognised him, he was thin and.

Custodial sentence and set up home with his girlfriend and live happily ever after. Seven weeks before Boshell was due to appear at Southend Crown Court for sentencing, he concocted a story for the police that was a mixture of truth and lies about the Locksley Close shootings. He said that he had been the driver of the car on the night of the shootings and his passengers, Alvin and Percival, had been in possession of a double-barrelled shotgun. The inclusion of Percival was an obvious choice for.

Up in the White Horse. On the way to the White Horse we called in at Dean’s flat because he said he wanted to show me something. ‘When we entered, Dean asked me to close the door, which I did. He lifted his mattress up and I could see that he had a gun and three bullets hidden underneath it. I would describe the gun as a revolver-type handgun, which was about six or seven inches long, misty black or grey in colour and slightly rusty. The handle was brown and looked like it had been taped up. I.

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