Communications and Networking: An Introduction (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science)

Communications and Networking: An Introduction (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science)

Language: English

Pages: 235

ISBN: 1447143566

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The second edition of this book adds new and revised material to the step-by-step organization, chapter summaries and review questions that distinguish the original. Covers IPv6, wireless network management, mobile, grid and cloud computing and more.

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Randomized Algorithms
















Loop media network router Wireless LAN (WLAN) ad hoc between buildings drawbacks peer-to-peer practical measures for securing security Wireless USB (WUSB) Wireshark Wiring closet WLAN. See See Wireless LAN (WLAN) Worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) WiMAX 2 wireless MAN-advanced World Wide Web World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Worm WPA. See See Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) WPA2 WUSB. See See Wireless USB (WUSB) X X.25 xDSL XHTML. See See.

It then filters out the e-mail that it has decided is spam. This filtering may be carried out at the company mail server. Alternatively, an outside security service can be used to filter the mail before it even reaches the company network. One kind of filter is a simple blacklist of names or IP addresses of known sources of spam. Another type of filter looks for keywords such as ‘Viagra’ that often appear in spam e-mail. In adaptive (or Bayesian) filtering, the filter categorises the words that.

Anti-virus software looks for a distinctive bit pattern (a signature) or a file hash value that will betray the presence of a virus. During the first few hours of a Web attack, standard anti-virus (AV) software is not very effective. Unknown, ‘zero-day’ malware will not be on a list of signatures or have a familiar file hash value. Heuristic filters are one defence that is used against zero-day threats. Making use of artificial intelligence, these look for patterns of behaviour that usually.

Of frames per second, the number of broadcasts, the number of collisions per second, the number of CRC errors and the number of illegally short and long frames (runts and jabbers).Table 9.1 Hardware device record sheet Hardware device documentation Type of equipment: Serial no.: Date purchased: Warranty expiration data: Vendor: Phone: Service contract: Vendor: Phone: Problems: Date: Problem: Solution: Useful Figures for Performance Management Certain figures can be very useful for.

Packet-filtering firewall A kind of firewall in which a router blocks certain IP addresses, subnets or TCP or UDP port numbers by means of access control lists. PAN See personal area network. parallel data transfer A procedure in which multiple wires are used to transfer whole units of data simultaneously. parity An error detection technique in which an additional bit is appended to a character to give either an even or an odd number of 1 bits. passive RFID tag An RFID tag that does.

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