Cocky: The Rise & Fall of Curtis Warren, Britain's Biggest Drug Baron

Cocky: The Rise & Fall of Curtis Warren, Britain's Biggest Drug Baron

Tony Barnes

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0953084779

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Curtis Warren is an underworld legend, the Liverpool scally who took the methods of the street corner and elevated them to an art form. He forged direct links with the the cocaine cartels of Columbia, the heroine godfathers of Turkey, the cannabis cultivators of Marocco and the Ectasy manufacturers of Holland and Eastern Europe. His drugs went around the world, from the clubs of Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin to the golden beaches of Sydney.

This acclaimed and best-selling biography uncovers his meteoric rise from street mugger to the richest and most successful British criminal who has ver been caught. It relates how the Liverpool mafia became the UK's foremost drug importers; tells how Warren survived gang warfare and how he corrupted top-level police officers; unveils the inside story of the biggest and most successful British law enforcement operation ever undertaken; and reveals the explosive contents of the covert wiretaps that brought his global empire crashing down.

Thoroughly revised and updated, COCKY is a shocking insight into organized crime and an important investigation into a contemporary international drug baron.

'Compelling' - The Observer.

Shortlisted for the Macallan Gold Dagger for Crime Non-fiction.

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Meeting with Cleveland Police. Even if they were right and Charrington was up to his brass neck in it, it is unclear how customs ever expected to secure his conviction. Not only was there the formidable complication of his informant status but also no drugs had ever been recovered from the first run. How could it be proven that any cocaine had been imported at all? Yet on June 26, as his private plane landed at Teesside Airport from Tangiers, Charrington was arrested. Officers also raided his.

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Inside the airport because of the added security problems we might have encountered. And we certainly didn’t want to do it while he was with his family. It would have been a very tricky situation given the limited resources at our disposal on Curacao,’ said Driessen. As the Colombian aircraft touched down and taxied to a halt, officers disguised as baggage handlers made their way on to the tarmac to keep watch. They knew their suspect was incognito. His appearance would probably bear little.

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