Checkmate: Sixth in the Legendary Lymond Chronicles

Checkmate: Sixth in the Legendary Lymond Chronicles

Dorothy Dunnett

Language: English

Pages: 608

ISBN: 0679777482

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For the first time Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles are available in the United States in quality paperback editions.

Sixth in the legendary Lymond Chronicles, Checkmate takes place in 1557, where Francis Crawford of Lymond is once again in France, leading an army against England. But even as the Scots adventurer succeeds brilliantly on the battlefield, his haunted past becomes a subject of intense interest to forces on both sides.

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Captive (New Life, Book 1)

The Night of Knives

The Legend of Luke (Redwall, Book 12)

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The Stonekeeper's Curse (Amulet Series, Book 2)














Died of grand mal and whose death certificate his grandmother, the Dame de Doubtance, had kept. ‘What!’ said Leonard Bailey and Philippa looked up, after too long an interval, into those seamed and glistening eyes. ‘You are silent. Can it be … can it possibly be that your husband has not admitted you to his confidence? Do you not know, even yet, the name of the man who betrayed Sybilla’s good husband Gavin? Who enticed her again and again from her marriage vows, and lodged her here till brought.

Said, ‘that they lived without knowing such hunger?’ Afterwards, she could not recall having answered him. * Much later, Philippa Somerville crossed to where Richard Crawford was still standing and asked him, without much preliminary, if she might call on his mother next morning. Then, before he had quite finished expressing his pleasure, she asked him if he would be so kind as to enable her to meet Austin Grey at the same time under his roof. He agreed, as she knew he would: it was a.

Crawford saw when he returned that afternoon to the Hôtel d’Hercule, and entered his long, exquisite gallery. Also awaiting him in the quality of temporary hosts were his two colleagues, Adam and Jerott. The conversation, it was plain, was not sparkling. Lymond paused. Though dressed for court he was not, Adam saw, in one of his more extravagant moods. But he came forward readily enough, glanced at Jerott and himself, and then gave all his attention to his brother and his captive, grimly.

Have four questions to ask you.’ Three of them concerned recent orders and, thank God, he had excellent answers. The fourth stemmed from the impending visit of Catherine, heiress of the captured St André, who would require to return north with her mother. Five minutes sufficed to dispose of it all. Adam rose. There was nothing more to be said. It was a moment of crisis, and war their métier. He was half-way to the door when Lymond spoke again. ‘By the way. Who brought me home early this.

Compiègne. Compiègne. Where once before, Mary had displayed a passing fretfulness, and for the same reason. Mary Fleming carried her thought down the forty-four steps of the staircase and through the cemetery and out of the Palais and along the narrow streets to the Parvis of Notre-Dame, where no one could talk because all Paris was watching, and even the mills on the bridge stilled their throbbing and clattering. Because of the weight of the shrine, they moved slowly. The priests sang, and the.

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