Castles of Great Britain: Volume 1 (The Heritage Trail Explores)

Castles of Great Britain: Volume 1 (The Heritage Trail Explores)

Linda Lee

Language: English

Pages: 91

ISBN: 2:00101582

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Although various types of fortification existed well before the Norman invasion and many modern 'Stately Homes' are often referred to as such, this book explores 30 of the countries surviving structures considered to be 'true castles'. Built between the eleventh and seventeenth centuries when they signified power and status, these fortifications lie at the very heart of Britain's heritage. The purpose-built south coast defences of Henry VIII are a bit of an anomaly, but examples of these are included for their diversity. Each article comprises a colour photograph, an historical overview, and an information panel containing opening times, grid reference, address, telephone number, and web site details (where applicable).

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Tower itself. Above the doorway to a small lobby, a lovely triangular Norman arch can still be seen, and beyond the lobby the rounded arches surrounding the main castle entrance. Henry made this castle very individual, both in design and layout, and it was one of his most expensive projects. The thick, stone walls of the keep indicate that it was always intended to become a fortified family residence, and the spiral stairs inside each of the towers led off to a maze of rooms and passageways. At.

24-26 December & 1 January Rochester Kent ME1 1SX Tel : +44 (0) 1634 402276 Managed by English Heritage Web site : Find exact location using Multimap 71 Scarborough Castle ituated at the edge of a cliff along the North Yorkshire coast, a naturally defended area and a perfect look-out spot, Scarborough Castle still dominates the town and harbour some 300ft (90m) below. The roughly triangular piece of ground forming the headland of Castle Hill has been occupied.

II’s great Keep reminds the visitor of the unsettled times and changing fortunes that most of these fortresses endured. E Open: OS Grid Ref: TA 050893 All year, daily except 24-26 December & 1 January Scarborough North Yorkshire Tel : +44 (0) 1723 372451 Managed by English Heritage Web site : Find exact location using Multimap 73 St Mawes Castle ntil the early sixteenth century the west of Cornwall remained undefended, but an incident in the Fal estuary.

Although quite different in shape, both towers contain extravagant vaulting on all five levels. The range of magnificent domestic buildings, created along the east curtain above the steep cliff to the river, date from the same period. Most of these rooms were completely transformed in Jacobean times when Fulke Greville, a poet and statesman, made Warwick Castle into a luxurious palace. Several subsequent remodellings and restorations have resulted in a display of quality and splendour that could.

Demolished during the seventeenth century. Less than 100 years after the great tower was completed, the unique multangular tower at Orford was built, and survives today in a remarkable state of preservation. The trend to build a ‘great tower’ as the central feature of the overall castle plan proved to be a successful format, the vertical structure being utilised as both a comfortable family residence and a virtually impregnable ‘safe house’ in times of threat. Development of early fortified.

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