Candy Making For Dummies

Candy Making For Dummies

David Jones

Language: English

Pages: 392

ISBN: 0764597345

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

How sweet it is! More than 100 recipes plus terrific tips and tricks

Explore the art of cooking candy and create sweet masterpieces!

If you want to concoct irresistible treats for your friends and family, this book gets you cooking! You'll discover proper techniques and use them to create incredible candies. Recipes range from fondues to fondants, simple meltaways to decadent truffles, fun kids' treats to cream-filled delicacies. Indulge!

Discover how to
* Choose the proper utensils and ingredients
* Melt, temper, and mold chocolate
* Fine-tune your skills with professional secrets
* Create special holiday treats
* Bag, box, or wrap candies for gifts

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Couple of assumptions about you: ߜ You’ve never made candy at home and would like to find out how. ߜ You have some candy-making experience but would like to gain more ideas and knowledge about it. In my business, I have the opportunity to hire a lot of young people who are entering the job market for the first time. They’re true novices in the business world. During the interview process, I tell them that on their first day on the job, they’ll feel a little stupid; on the second day, they’ll feel.

When piping, you may use the following piping-bag options: ߜ Disposable plastic bags: These plastic bags are relatively cheap. I like to use a 12-inch plastic bag when I pipe truffles (see Chapter 18). ߜ Parchment paper triangles: You can form the paper triangles into cones for piping as well as for chocolate “writing.” When you purchase a package of these triangles, it comes with instructions telling you how to fold the triangle into a cone. ߜ Reusable cloth bags: These bags come with an.

Percent of the water removed, which makes it quite thick, but it’s a good ingredient for recipes in which you don’t want added water. Sugar makes up between 10 and 12 percent of evaporated milk. Chapter 4: Picking Quality Ingredients Sweetened condensed milk Sweetened condensed milk is used less often than evaporated milk in candies; I see it more in baked goods. I do, however, include it in some fudge recipes (see Chapter 9). This milk is similar to evaporated milk, but before the water is.

Harder to find), you can use whipping cream or half and half. Per serving (sauce only): Calories 261 (From Fat 158); Fat 18g (Saturated 9g); Cholesterol 20mg; Sodium 36mg; Carbohydrate 27g (Dietary Fiber 0g); Protein 3g. Chapter 5: Creating a Stir with Fondue Chocolate Cognac Fondue If you want to add a little punch to your fondue, here’s an idea that’s sure to please your palate. You can liven up almost any fondue using this method, but don’t get carried away: When you add liquid to fondue,.

Piping bag, use scissors to cut a small hole in the bottom of the bag so you can squeeze the contents out through the hole. If you need to pipe something and simply don’t have any piping bags or the time to go get any, fill a closable freezer bag with the filling, seal the bag, and snip off one corner — but be sure you make a small snip. Chapter 6: Focusing on Fondant, Mints, and Meltaways To pipe like a pro, just follow these easy steps and check out Figure 6-2: 1. Use a disposable cone-shaped.

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