Callsign: Bishop - Book 1 (an Erik Somers - Chess Team Novella) (Jack Sigler Thrillers)

Callsign: Bishop - Book 1 (an Erik Somers - Chess Team Novella) (Jack Sigler Thrillers)

Jeremy Robinson

Language: English

Pages: 122

ISBN: 0984042326

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An Iranian terrorist cell has gotten their hands on weaponized Ergot-B-a compound that causes violent hysteria, madness and death within 24 hours-and plan to unleash the weapon on major cities around the world. Successful deployment would begin a bloodbath, as those exposed would kill everyone they encountered before succumbing to the compound's lethal effects. Erik Somers-Callsign: Bishop, is called in to investigate, but his first discovery shocks him to the core. Dawoud Abbasi, the terrorist leader planning to unleash Ergot-B, is his biological father. Bishop, along with an undercover Delta operator known as Callsign: Joker, race across the unforgiving Iranian desert in search of the Ergot-B. Seeking answers, both professional and personal, Bishop must fight against a private securtiy force, Iranian Special Forces and men driven mad by Ergot-B. With the life of his biological mother in the balance, and countless more people in cities around the world, Bishop must call on all his strength to not only survive, but also stop the man revealed as his father-even if that means killing him.

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Well they predicted his arrival: how did they know he’d be coming? The question hung in his mind as CJ exited Freeway 7 and turned onto a small access road headed east. In the distance, Bishop saw the mountains that bordered the Kavir Desert, or Dasht-e Kavir, as it was known in Iran. In the US, people usually pictured large, ever changing sand dunes when they imagined a desert, but that wasn’t always the case. People often forgot that the entire continent of Antarctica is actually classified as.

Cylinder and took another shot, sending several rounds through the windshield of the helicopter but not scoring any hits to the pilot or either of the gunmen, who must have been reloading because they did not shoot back. As soon as he ducked back behind the concrete, shots rang out again, and after a moment he heard CJ’s grunt of pain. “Damn!” CJ said. “The guy with the rifle is good!” “You hurt bad?” Bishop asked. “Just a scratch.” “We need to move,” Bishop said. “Sooner or later they are.

Told Bishop they didn’t have time. “Did you get a look at any of them?” CJ asked. Bishop shook his head. He’d seen the rifleman as he flew through the air, but it was just a glimpse, and he was more focused on not being sliced into bits, shot or bludgeoned by the helicopter at the time. “You?” “Just the pilot.” “He look familiar?” “Unfortunately, yes,” CJ replied. “He works for your father’s group.” “My father? This is his doing?” “Looks that way.” Bishop looked out at the cylinder and.

The kick sent the man flying backwards. As he sailed through the air, Bishop pulled his Sig and fired a single shot. The round entered Dawoud’s head on the left and exited on the right, spraying blood and gore around the room. The body fell twitching to the floor, blood pooling out. Faiza’s eyes rolled into her head, then her limp body crumpled to the ground like a sack of laundry. Bishop reached out just in time to keep her head from banging into the floor. He picked her up as the rest of the.

You,” he pointed an accusing finger, “have violated them.” “His words would save you, my friend,” Ephraim said, so softly Theron almost didn’t hear him. Theron laughed. “Save me? As they saved you? You are a handful of seconds away from Hell, and you would presume to save me?” In that instant, Theron determined he would make Ephraim’s death as unpleasant as he could manage. He threw his sword to the floor and willed his claws to grow. In a few moments his fingernails grew long and thick. The.

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