Building and Using Binoscopes (The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series)

Building and Using Binoscopes (The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series)

Language: English

Pages: 342

ISBN: 3319076884

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Provides easy to understand information and guidelines about the design and construction of binoscopes 

Focusing on both homemade and commercial products, this book provides the reader with simple and straightforward information about the modelling and building of binoscopes. Binoscopes can be thought of as binoculars enlarged to the size of telescopes: essentially, a combination of the two. Constructing a binoscope is easier than most people think, but it still demands attention to detail and proper background knowledge. The author goes on to provide additional information about how to understand the products currently on the market, should the reader choose to purchase a binoscope instead of building one. Lastly, the book also compares binoscopes with telescopes in great detail, outlining the differences the reader can expect to see in the night sky from using both. The celestial views obtained with a binoscope, compared to a single telescope of the same aperture, are a very different experience and well worth the effort.

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Telescope. Enough can’t be said about how important a primary mirror holder/cell is in terms of adequately supporting (without stress) a big primary mirror in a large Dobsonian telescope. Each equally spaced triangle point distributes support spread out over 18 equally spaced points of contact. This is a very well-designed primary mirror holder for a very large Dobsonian telescope (Fig. 1.36). “The Bigger the Dobsonian…the taller the ladder” Fig. 1.35 A well-designed 18-point primary mirror.

To the sun as this comet. And, while this might be one of the brightest comets in several years, for much of the time, it will be too close to the sun for easy observation from Earth. Don Machholz Adapted from “The Discovery of Comet Machholz 1985e” with permission from Don Machholz ( Each outdoor dorm has several bunk beds with mattresses. There are eight other heated indoor dorms with bathrooms and hot showers that are available, plus a nice big outdoor swimming pool.

Little envy in the daytime now become the center of attention for the RTMC conference goers. If one of the big binocular telescopes is setup in “Telescope Alley,” then expect it to have the longest lines of people waiting eagerly to get a chance to take a look through it. And when they do, they will have some of the nicest views that they ever had through these big homemade binoscopes. Even though not everyone who enters their telescope in the telescope making competition will receive a merit.

Between the forks, providing the observer a way to adjust for good head and eye position as the binoscope moves equatorially across the night sky (Image credit: Borg/Hutech) Shingletown Shootout 145 Fig. 5.30 Doug Smiley on clear nights in Tennessee likes to seek out difficult nebula and other elusive celestial objects with his 6-in. f/5 Sky Watcher refractor on a Universal Astronomics Altazimuth mount (Image credit: Doug Smiley) 146 5 Homemade Binoscopes Fig. 5.31 A front view of JMI’s.

Optical and image quality of the Celestron 102 mm f/6 refractor with its excellent achromatic objective had always impressed me each time it was used for observing. What really impressed me the most was the wide field of view that it rendered using a standard 20 mm eyepiece. So it was a good choice to choose this combination of objective size 102 mm and focal ratio f/6 to use for the refractor binoscope project. For those who have used the Celestron 102 mm f/6 optical system before, using it in.

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