Blaze The Ice Dragon (Beast Quest, Book 23)

Blaze The Ice Dragon (Beast Quest, Book 23)

Michael Ford, Adam Blade

Language: English

Pages: 26

ISBN: 1408303817

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fifth book in the fourth series of the exciting adventure stories that are as gripping as a computer game! Great for boys, with a huge collectability factor bolstered by the collectors' cards in the back of the books, and links to an excellent interactive website.

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Villagers and she gasped. “What can we do for them?” “First, we have to find out what caused this horror,” said Tom. And make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to us, he thought to himself. His current Quest had just become twice as dangerous. “PERHAPS I CAN HELP THEM,” SAID ELENNA. “My aunt taught me how to use herbs as medicine.” Tom shook his head. “You can’t, Elenna. You might become infected, too.” “I can’t just leave them, Tom,” she replied hotly. “What about Epos’s feather?” Tom.

LEFT THE COLD CLEARING BEHIND, Elenna fell in beside Derlot. “How was the sickness caused?” she asked. “Five days ago,” Derlot said, “one of the shepherds, Adam, was attacked and bitten by a hyena in the dark. He only managed to escape by beating the animal off with his staff and then climbing a tree.” Elenna held out her arm to help Derlot across a narrow stream. “A hyena?” asked Tom. “Yes,” Derlot continued. “It was strange because they don’t normally come so close to Rokwin.” The old man.

Derlot. “To deal with the hyenas,” said Tom. “On the south side of the village, you say?” “Yes,” said Derlot, “but there are many. A boy like you will be torn to pieces.” Tom smiled. “I’ve faced hyenas before. They don’t frighten me.” Elenna was ready to go. “Be careful,” Tom warned her. “There may be hyenas by the river, too.” Elenna crouched beside Silver and stroked the thick hair behind his neck. “I have Silver to look after me. He’s not scared of a few mangy hyenas — are you?” Silver.

Freezing air enveloped him. He lowered his hands and saw that the garden had changed. The plants — including the precious horn-fern — were white with frost. The ground at his feet — even the laces of his boots — had frozen solid. The dragon had breathed ice. The Beast hung lower in the sky, and Derlot was pinned by the dragon’s gaze. There was something in the Beast’s golden eyes — something almost human. Was this a Beast or a man? Or some terrible mixture of the two? With a shriek, the dragon.

Where was she now? Elenna reached his side, the wind lashing her hair across her pale face. They both peered into the chasm below. Tom’s heart filled with despair. The shallow sides of the crater were covered in crystals of ice. Great blue-white columns rose up from the depths like towers of diamonds. Blaze was nowhere to be seen. The lava pool itself, which should have been bubbling at the bottom of the crater, was totally frozen over with a sheet of solid ice. And there, below the surface,.

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