Birthright: Battle for the Confederation- Crusade

Birthright: Battle for the Confederation- Crusade

Ryan Krauter

Language: English

Pages: 251

ISBN: B008190OV2

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Confederation of Systems and Priman Empire have been battling for the rights to an entire galactic arm, with still no clear winner. The Primans are winning the push towards the galactic core, however, and for every mission the Confederation launches, the Primans have a response ready.

For Loren Stone, the XO of CSS Avenger, though, the war has turned deeply personal. The Primans have infected an entire planet with a DNA weapon that will remove the Priman DNA that is part of the genetic makeup of so many humanoids in the galaxy. The infected planet is Toral: Loren's home and the place where an entire population, including his wife, now watch the days tick away until the virus starts its' devastating work.

As Loren sees it, there is only one option: find a cure. To do that, Avenger will cross Priman space, going deep into their own territory in search of anything that can save the people of Toral. Along the way, they meet some old friends in Garrett Drayven and Halley Pascal, as well as some old enemies in the Enkarrans, who have now been officially integrated into the Confederation fleet.

Add to that the fact that the man in charge of the Confederation seems friendlier to the Primans than his own Navy, and Loren's mission will take everything he has to offer, and maybe then some.

God of Thunder (Rogue Angel, Book 7)

Orders Is Orders

Raising The Past


Kaymon The Gorgon Hound (Beast Quest, Book 16)




















Sudden.  She's been pretty quiet since we got back.? Loren just nodded.  ?I'm glad you told me,? he started.  ?We'll keep an eye on her, ok?  She can still keep up, right?? Merritt nodded.  ?I don't think it's a permanent funk, and once we get going she'll have other things to occupy her.  It's probably best if we keep active.  I know it doesn't fix the problem but it will hopefully keep her from fixating on it.? Loren agreed, and a minute later Cory appeared.  She walked confidently, but.

Eye out for as to what one of these data storage facilities might look like.  So, we scout the place for a while and see if we can come up with a few leads.? ?And when we find something?? Web queried. ?We take it and run like hell.? CHAPTER TWELVE Loren, Merritt and Cory sat around the small dinette in their suite. ?We have two leads here,? Loren began.  ?One is a group of activist hackers who are constantly pushing a pro-AI agenda through every outlet they can reach.  They're just about on.

Instantly knew who was inside. ?Oh damn.? Halley found the server room without incident, avoiding a roaming guard rather than trying to take him out.  The more of a ruckus she caused, the sooner they'd be discovered, and their mission was too important to take any more risks than necessary. After all the work they'd put into researching the ring data, corroborating Velk's claims, then getting here to Callidor and into the facility, it all felt a little anticlimactic to be standing here simply.

Things right.  We'll have peace in the Confederation.? ?I don't know what's best for everyone; no one person does.  And if the population is on the edge of revolt, maybe that's a sign you're doing something wrong.  Besides, you call this collaboration a peace?? Shae didn't take Loren's refusal well.  He face turned darker, his eyes narrowed and his lips pulled tight over his teeth.  ?Peace is what happens when one side is too strong to fight back against,? he scoffed.  ?The Primans are too.

Point in continuing the charade of this being a legitimate conversation, ?or is this personal?  You and me, that sort of thing?? ?You and your ship stand in the way of what we need to accomplish,? Shae fairly yelled.  ?And it sounds like your decision is made.  So be it.  You won't find safe harbor anywhere in this galaxy, Loren Stone.  Confed will have orders to apprehend or kill.  The secessionists won't want you because you started out loyal.  The Talarans are done for.  No other government.

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