Big Java: Late Objects

Big Java: Late Objects

Cay S. Horstmann

Language: English

Pages: 1056

ISBN: 1118087887

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Big Java: Late Objects is a comprehensive introduction to Java and computer programming, which focuses on the principles of programming, software engineering, and effective learning. It is designed for a two-semester first course in programming for computer science students. Using an innovative visual design that leads readers step-by-step through intricacies of Java programming, Big Java: Late Objects instills confidence in beginning programmers and confidence leads to success.

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Accord­ing to the rules of the language and the com- of time fixing compile-time and runpiler finds it. For this reason, compile-time errors time errors. are often called syntax errors. When the compiler finds one or more errors, it refuses to translate the program into Java virtual machine instructions, and as a consequence you have no program that you can run. You must fix the error and compile again. In fact, the compiler is quite picky, and it is common to go through several rounds of fixing.

// Compute and display the inscription String initials = first.substring(0, 1) + "&" + second.substring(0, 1); System.out.println(initials); } } Program Run Enter your first name: Rodolfo Enter your significant other's first name: Sally R&S Table 9 String Operations Statement Result Comment string str = "Ja"; str = str + "va"; str is set to "Java" When applied to strings, + denotes concatenation. System.out.println("Please" ­ + " enter your name: "); Prints.

And surface area of a sphere with that radius •• P2.8 Write a program that asks the user for the lengths of the sides of a rectangle. Then print • The area and perimeter of the rectangle • The length of the diagonal (use the Pythagorean theorem) • P2.9 Improve the program discussed in How To 2.1 to allow input of quar­ters in addition to bills. ••• P2.10 Write a program that helps a person decide whether to buy a hybrid car. Your pro­gram’s inputs should be: • The cost of a new car •.

S for single, m for married: m The tax is $10400 Self Check 17. 18. What is the amount of tax that a single taxpayer pays on an income of $32,000? Would that amount change if the first nested if statement changed from if (income <= RATE1_SINGLE_LIMIT) to if (income < RATE1_SINGLE_LIMIT) 19. 20. 21. Suppose Harry and Sally each make $40,000 per year. Would they save taxes if they married? How would you modify the program in order to check that the user entered a.

Valid before you use them in your computations. Consider our elevator simulation program. Assume that the elevator panel has buttons labeled 1 through 20 (but not 13). The following are illegal inputs: • The number 13 • Zero or a negative number • A number larger than 20 Like a quality control worker, • An input that is not a sequence of digits, such as five you want to make sure that user input is correct before In each of these cases, we will want to give an error message and exit the.

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