Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users

Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users

Nathan Haines

Language: English

Pages: 216

ISBN: 1484206096

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users is your comprehensive guide to using Ubuntu. You already know how to use a computer running Windows or OS X, but learning a new operating system can feel daunting. If you've been afraid to try Ubuntu because you don't know where to start, this book will show you how to get the most out of Ubuntu for work, home, and play. You'll be introduced to a wide selection of software and settings that will make your computer ready to work for you.

Ubuntu makes your computing life easy. Ubuntu's Software Updater keeps all of your software secure and up-to-date. Browsing the Internet becomes faster and safer. Creating documents and sharing with others is built right in. Enjoying your music and movie libraries helps you unwind. In addition to a tour of Ubuntu's modern and easy-to-use interface, you'll also learn how to:

• Understand the advantages of Ubuntu and its variants―Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and more

• Install Ubuntu on its own or alongside your computer's existing operating system

• Search Ubuntu's catalog of thousands of applications―all ready to install with a single click

• Work with files and disks that were created with Windows and OS X

• Run simple, interesting tasks and games using the command line

• Customize Ubuntu in powerful ways and get work done with virtual machines

Ubuntu is the world’s third most popular operating system and powers desktop and laptop computers, servers, private and public clouds, phones and tablets, and embedded devices. There's never been a better time to install Ubuntu and move to an open source way of life. Get started with Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users today!

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Command prompt, type: cd Downloads sudo chmod +x NVIDIA* To actually begin the install process, type: sudo ./NVIDIA* and press the Tab key to complete the rest of the installer name, then press Enter. The installer will walk you through installation of the driver. Once it is finished, reboot your computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. When your computer restarts, you will be presented with the normal Ubuntu welcome screen. If you need to make advanced changes to your graphics settings once you log.

Where you only have one computer and you still need your old operating system. In this case, installing two operating systems on one computer can be a way to work with a new operating system while still being able to use the first one. The first thing to know is that a computer can only run one operating system at a time. When the computer starts, the bootloader is responsible for loading the rest of the operating system. Therefore, to dual-boot you need to install a bootloader will allow you to.

Enter text into the computer. In the most straightforward setup, you can simply select the layout that matches your keyboard so that the character printed on any given key matches the character that appears on your screen when you press it. Certain languages with complex scripts have more elaborate text entry systems called Input Method Editors. Other keyboards have special keys or features. However you prefer to enter text, Ubuntu has a setting for you. You can launch “Text Entry” from the Unity.

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Enjoying Media and Other Entertainment we’re planning ahead or just want to virtually study the sky, Stellarium is a virtual 3D planetarium application that re-creates the visible universe around us with stunning graphics. The first time you launch Stellarium, you’ll see a view of the sky in a field as it would appear in Paris at the your current local time (see Figure 4-14). If the time difference is right, you’ll enjoy a starry view. Otherwise you might see a mundane daytime sky or a stunning.

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