After America (The Disappearance)

After America (The Disappearance)

John Birmingham

Language: English

Pages: 502

ISBN: 0345502922

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The world changed forever when a massive wave of energy slammed into North America and wiped out 99 percent of the population. As the United States lay in ruins, chaos erupted across the globe.

Now, while a skeleton American government tries to reconstruct the nation, swarms of pirates and foreign militias plunder the lawless wasteland where even the president is fair prey. In New York City, armies of heavily armed predators hold sway—and hold off a struggling U.S. military. In Texas, a rogue general bent on secession leads a brutal campaign against immigrants. And in England, a U.S. special ops agent enters a shadow war against a deadly enemy who has made the fight personal. While the president ponders a blitz attack on America’s once greatest city, the forces of order and anarchy wage all-out war for postapocalyptic dominance—and a handful of survivors must decide how far to go to salvage whatever uncertain future awaits . . . after America.

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And barracks as he did so. The emir has decided that in gratitude for your continued support in our fight against the common enemy, we will share this knowledge with you and make no claim on any plunder that may arise from it. The treasure houses of the Slavs, as much our common enemy as the Americans, are yours for the taking.” Ozal paused significantly. “When the battle is done.” Yusuf felt his testicles crawl up inside his body as the bandit leaders suddenly turned their attention on him like.

Here, in this building, after we were fired on outside. End of story. If the men you’re looking for—I assume you’re looking for them—had still been here, I imagine we’d already be dead.” The woman continued to cover them with her carbine, but she was losing interest. The documents the Rhino had discovered were beginning to take more of her attention. Not that Jules had any ideas about trying to make a grab for her gun or escape. Everything about this woman suggested practiced lethality: her.

It the dull thumping beat of its rotor blades. He gave himself a minute to recover from the shock before crawling out of the room and into the corridor, where all that remained of Ali and the other man whose name he did not know were a few bloody rags and scraps of smoking meat. Yusuf kept his head down and his weapon in front of him as he belly crawled away from the horrible scene as quickly as he could. He was certain he could hear harsh flat voices shouting in English somewhere nearby, and he.

Around, a chair knocked over and left lying halfway out the door. On a normal day Mariela would never have allowed such chaos in her domain. He clenched his jaw, tasting his own blood, and hurried into the bedroom, quickly stuffing spare Levi’s and shirts and two pairs of boots into a sports bag. He dug an army surplus arctic-rated sleeping bag out of the bottom of the closet and a thick lamb’s wool coat. There would be nights when they would not be able to find shelter, and the chill of the.

Orient himself. The boy lay his head on the bag of beans and examined the blank wall of high-rise buildings past which he was sailing. Many of them looked like ruined shells, fire-scorched and even teetering on the edge of collapse in some cases. At one point, floating past a series of jetties, he saw the amazing sight of an enormous skyscraper that had toppled to one side and now leaned precariously against another, forming a giant inverted V. You would certainly not walk under it if you had.

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