Absolute Honour: An Adventurous Tale of Spies and Jacobites, Love and Betrayal in the 18th Century (Jack Absolute)

Absolute Honour: An Adventurous Tale of Spies and Jacobites, Love and Betrayal in the 18th Century (Jack Absolute)

C.C. Humphreys

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1402282273

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Jack escapes death more often than James Bond... An exciting romp!" – Sunday Telegraph (UK)

Blooded on the battlefields of Canada, fresh from a winter spent in a voluptuous widow's bed, the dashing Jack Absolute has every reason to feel good. And life only gets better when the ship returning him to England captures a rich prize.

But gold is not all the enemy ship holds. Fever nearly kills Jack, his life barely saved by a new comrade, Red Hugh McClune. Their resulting friendship takes him to Bath to recover-and into a passionate romance with McClune's beautiful cousin, Laetitia.

Yet neither cousin is who they seem, and tragedy soon strikes Jack. This time, he escapes with his life, but loses what he loves most-his honour.

The thrilling finale to C.C. Humphrey's historical adventure series,Absolute Honoursweeps readers into a world of bravery, betrayal, passion, and glory at whatever cost.

From daring espionage in Rome to the battlefields of Spain to a climactic duel against an unbeatable foe, Jack seeks to restore that honor with consequences he could never foresee and a price to be paid in blood.

Join our swashbuckling scoundrel in this adventurous historical fiction set around the American Revolutionary War.

Fans of Simon Scarrow, Bernard Cornwell, Jeff Shaara and Diana Gabaldon will eagerly follow the adventures of Jack Absolute.

The Jack Absolute Series:
The Blooding of Jack Absolute, Book #1
Jack Absolute, Book #2
Absolute Honor, Book #3

What readers are saying about Absolute Honor:

"Another great swashbuckling adventure"

"plenty of action and daring do.... the 18TH CENTURY JAMES BOND."

"full of adventure and intrigue"

"a good balance of historical fact and thrilling fiction with WAR, RIVALRY AND ROMANCE you will find it hard to put down."

"RAPTUROUS story telling."

"the kind of breakneck adventure for which the term "rollicking" was coined"

"A MUST READ for any historical buff, and to say the least extremely well written."

What reviewers are saying about hero Jack Absolute:


"Jack in all his swashbuckling glory...Humphrey's acting background brings drama to life in Jack's legendary tale."-Booklist
"A vigorously imagined, DASHINGLY DONE ESPIONAGE adventure."-Literary Review (UK)

"Jack proves once again to be a dynamic hero-an HONORABLE SPY with a soft spot for love-and a bangup leading man for what is fast becoming a rousing, must-read series." – Publishers Weekly

"An absolute delight! Swashbuckling adventure, eighteenth-century wit, hugely entertaining plots, and one of the most appealing military gentlemen ever to wear a sword." –Diana Gabaldon, Author of The Outlander

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I know how to behave with a lady.” Red Hugh regarded him thoughtfully. “Well, Jack, I shall weigh your future conduct against your past misdemeanors.” He smiled. “Still, seeing as we’ll all be neighbors I suppose there’s every chance that you may meet her anyway.” “Neighbors?” “Aye, lad. My cousin and her guardian—Mrs. O’Farrell, another cousin of mine and her aunt—as befits relatives of the Earl of Clare, have taken a house in a new construction called the Circus. It’s in the Upper.

Seemed to Jack that nothing had been done to it in the time he’d been there. Certainly he’d never seen a workman upon it. It must have annoyed Mrs. O’Farrell especially, always having to use the garden entrance. He looked behind him, to the magnificent doorway of his own number twenty-two. He’d been little concerned with architecture, though knew this style was called Palladian; he also knew enough to recognize these Woods—father and son—had built well, although a little extravagantly for his.

Little dissimulation.” His father grinned, leaned in. “For Mrs. O’Farrell had not heard of our family’s temporary inconvenience. Since I did not mention it, she readily agreed to a union she was sure would meet the approval of her cousin, the earl. Indeed, she informed me that their purpose in Bath was to find just such a suitable match and that her cousin had expressed such confidence in her judgment the banns could be read tomorrow and the girl married next Thursday.” He beamed. “The business.

Female singers were not allowed in the Papal States and men dressed as women, howsoever fine their voices, did not stir him. He knew how those voices had been produced, and it gave him the wrong sort of feeling in his groin just watching them. Two galleries of boxes were below him. Jack had squeezed onto a bench end at the extreme left of the house and so was able, by craning around and over, to watch the three central boxes. These had been described for him by Watkin Pounce, but there was no.

Colonel Turnville?” “Gladly.” Jack raised his glass but still did not drink. “Once you have told me why you betrayed both him and me.” A sound came from the other man’s throat—denial, protest. Wattles shook. Jack forestalled him. “It could only have been you, Watkin. You sent me to that rendezvous. Which means that the colonel is not your sole employer, is he? Perhaps not even your main one.” Instead of replying, Pounce drained the glass, then reached forward for the bottle. Only a few.

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