A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine: The Last Diaries

A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine: The Last Diaries

Tony Benn

Language: English

Pages: 310

ISBN: 0099564955

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this final volume of diaries, Tony Benn reflects on the compensations and the disadvantages of old age

Tony Benn is the longest serving MP in the history of the Labor Party. He left the British Parliament in 2001, after more than half a century in the House of Commons, to devote more time to politics. A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine chronicles both the public and the personal events of the last decade of his life in Westminster and his "retirement" thereafter. Covering the rise and fall of New Labor, Tony's tireless campaigning against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his passionate commitment to encouraging public debate and demonstrations, this volume also provides an insight into the difficulties of growing older, the devastating effect of his wife Caroline's death, and his own failing health.

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Volume of diaries, Tony Benn reflects on the compensations and the disadvantages of old age. With the support of a small circle of friends and his extended family, he continues his activities on behalf of social justice, peace and accountability in public life, against the background of political change and the international crisis of capitalism. Following an illness in July 2009, the diaries, kept for over sixty years, cease. Published here alongside these final years of entries are Tony.

Because they aren’t. They don’t even like John McDonnell and the Labour Representation Committee. I’ve got to put it in a delicate way, or it is going to get me into a lot of trouble. But you see, Tony Woodley is absolutely locked in with Derek Simpson. Derek Simpson, this old Sheffield communist (as he always tells me), doesn’t want to take any action. Unite, the union, has actually employed Charlie Whelan as their Chief Press Officer – Charlie Whelan, of all people, who worked with Gordon.

Made a speech in which he said that he’d given instructions to the armed forces to deal with the murderous attacks by the Iranians, so it does look as if there’s going to be a bombing of Iran. I was on with an American – and with somebody who was, in effect, the ambassador in Britain for the al-Maliki government in Iraq; and Labour MP Mike Gapes. I had a word with the Iraqi afterwards and he said, ‘The last thing we want is Iraq to be the battleground between America and Iran.’ So it was.

Simply doesn’t emerge as having any experience or any capacity to do anything. He’s a clever man, but I wouldn’t trust him to be able to organise the bicycle shed in my factory. I’m hopeful Ken will win. Monday 28 April There’s this incredible crime in Austria, where a man of seventy-three fathered seven children by his own daughter and kept them all in a sort of dungeon under the house, with no daylight. There are reports coming out now about the Israeli bombing of a Syrian plant, which they.

Tremendous affection from all the Muslims who came up and gave me such a hug – they’re very affectionate, much more outgoing than the English with their stiff upper lips. I did endless interviews: Al Jazeera, Press TV, Sky TV, BBC TV and various Muslim channels. Andrew Murray spoke, I spoke and George Galloway spoke, then the convoy went off. Sunday 15 February The world news is so grim. The Israelis are now making really serious threats to Iran. The Afghan war is absolutely unwinnable, and.

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